England Masters Area Challenge, Lee Valley, Sunday 28 February 2016

Peter Benedickter M45 400m 55.46, Leanne Buxton F35 High Jump 1.45m, Long Jump 5.32m, Shot Putt 11.07m, Gavin Fordham Pole Vault 4.10m, Shot Putt 10.74m, Jemma Eastwood F35 Pole Vault 3.10m, James Danobrega M35 Long Jump 5.09m

Lee Valley Minithon Saturday 27 February 2016

U11 Girls Katie Churms  11th 148 points – 60m 9.8, 60mH 12.2, turbo javelin 8.50m, Sadie Werrett 13th 147 points – 200m 33.7 PB, 600m 2.12.1 PB, long jump 3.38m PB, Nyahleh Soyei 36th 135 points – 60mH 12.8 PB, shot 5.82m PB, long jump 2.65m PB,

Layla Button 62nd 105 points – shot 4.34m PB, turbo javelin 5.75m PB, long jump 2.42m PB

U13 Girls Millie McFadyen 21st 163 points – 60m 9.1 PB, 200m 32.6m, shot 5.98m PB, Caitlin Goudie 27th 157 points – Shot 5.80m PB, 200m 32.7 PB, long jump 3.69m PB, Tsharna Antoine 34th 150 points – 60m 9.0, 200m 31.8, long jump 2.40m, Erin Thompson 44th 136 points – shot 4.86m PB, 60m H 12.7, long jump 3.36m,

Ellie Davies - 60m 9.1 PB, long jump 3.15m

Southern Counties Vets AC Champs, Lee Valley, Sunday 21 February 2016

Pete Benedicter M45 200m 25.42, 400m 55.68, Tenny James M55 200m 26.97, 400m 59.56, 60mH 9.90

BUCS Champs, Sheffield, Friday 19 - Sunday 21 February 2016

800m Massi Dendani H 2:00.50, 3000m Michael Harrison H 8:32.79, F 8.28.99,

High jump Emily Cartledge 1.50m

Chiltern League Round up 2015 - 2016

With the end of the league season the individual and team results for the season are available.  Overall we were second to Marshall Milton Keynes some 1400 points adrift and 1800 points ahead of Chiltern Harriers.

Our overall stars are all the runners who ran four or more times and are placed in the league rankings.

No Senior men but Stephen Headley was a clear winner the U20 category.  Ben Davies (photo) ran away with the U17 mens crown with four victories.  He was able supported by Dom Menzies 5th, Callum Mullins 8th & Ryan Ward 10th. In the U15 boys we had several completing the course Ollie Davies was 6th, 10th - 15th places were filled by Cameron Gillies, Max Gilhespy, Ed Blythman, Andrew Worrall, Richard Laursen & Reuben Williams. Harry Brodie was 17th & Kino Bakhcha 28th.  In the U13 boys Joseph Lawson was 6th & Max Hanford 13th.

Alice Burgin was an excellent second in the senior women’s category.  Ruth Kerr was 8th in the F45.

Alanah Harris was first U20 women, Sarah Kerr was second.  Francesa Worrall was second U17 women, Erin McCaffray third and Lauren Nichols fourth.  Tia Wilson was a clear winner in the U15 girls category.

Lottie Knights was third U15 girl, Ruby Abbot 7th, Niamh Huxford 14th, Louisa Sexton 25, Sakia Bakhcha 27th, Sophie Gawin 28th. Chris Brodie just missed out on winning the U11 title finishing second by one point, Udoka Fintelmann was 6th, Ben Knights was 21st & Louis Gregory 35th.

Teams - The U11 boys were second just 4 points behind Chiltern, the U11 girls were fourth. The U13 boys were third, the U13 girls were second. The U15 boys were second, the U15 girls were second. The U17 men were first, the U17/U20 women were first.

The senior men were second and the senior women were third.

The Young Athletes won there division, the seniors were second.  Overall we were second in both the male and female categories.

Eastern Veterans Indoor T&F Champs, Lee Valley, Sunday 14 February 2016

200m Andy Cohen-Wray M35 26.73 400m 57.50. Pole Vault Jemma Eastwood F35 2.80m. Shot Putt Graeme Packman M60 10.12m, Jim Burke M60 9.17m, Oriana Johnson F50 7.27m.

BMAF Indoor Pentathlon, Lee Valley Sunday 14 February 2016

Steve Bass won the M40 BMAF title after a close competition he regained the lead in the last event the 1000m.

England Indoor T&F Champs U20/U17/U15, Sheffield, Sat 13, Sun 14 February 2016

Frankie Johnson was second in the U17 Pole Vault with 4.10m. Raphael Boujou was third in the U15 60m 7.29 (SF 7.43, H 7.40). Jean Mozobo U20 Long Jump PB 6.67m.

Results Base Chiltern Lge, Campbell Park, Milton Keynes, Saturday 13 February 2016

Alice Burgin 21:34 was second in the senior women’s race the team were fifth. Josh Lunn was fifth in the senior men’s race 28:37, Andy Leach was 10th 28:51, Andrew Inskip 12th 28:56 & Stephen Headley 17th 29:12 (2nd U20) the team were fourth. Ben Davies won the U17 men’s race 19:02, Dom Menzies 5th 19:41 & Izaak Wright 6 19:54, the team won. Alanah Harris won the U17/U20 women’s race 16:08 from Sarah Kerr 16:48, Francesca Worrall 4th 16:53 and Erin MacCaffray 5th, the team won. 17:15. Oliver Davies was 7th in the U15 boys race 15:41 and Cameron Gillies 8th 15:48 the team were second.

Sinead Stovell was second in the U15 girls race 12:06, Maisie Relton 3rd 12:13, the team were second.

Jamie Vinnicombe 10:18 was 7th in the U13 boys race, the team were third. Lottie Knights 11:14 was 11th in the U13 girls race, the team were third.

Chris Brodie 4:28 was second in the U11 boys race, Udoka Fintelmann 4:37 was third & Robert Parrish 6th 4:48, the team won. Sophie Worrall 5:06 was 10th in the U11 girls race, the team were third.

Race results are available on the results base website. Team and league results are on the Chiltern League website.  Photos taken by Barry Cornelius.  Photos taken by Mark Easton (includes YA’s)

Scottish National Masters Champs Glasgow, Sat 13, Sun 14 February 2016

Peter Benedickter M45 400m 1st 56.27, 200m 3rd 25.61, Tenny James M55  400m 1st 59.78, 200m 2nd 26.23

Lee Valley U15 & U13 Meeting Saturday 13 February 2016

U13 Girls Summer Payne 60m 9.63 & 9.56 PB, 800m 2.55.31 PB, long jump 2.96m PB, Millie McFadyen 60m 9.48 PB & 9.49, 200m 33.2, shot 5.46m, Ellie Davies 60m 9.43 & 9.37 PB, long jump 3.24m PB

U15 Girls Cliona Blackwell Shot 7.54m, Darcy Button 200m 33.02 PB, 300m 53.18 PB, long jump 3.57m., Lucy Dixon 800m 3.05.38, Shot 5.29m PB, long jump 2.97m, Millie Payne 60m 10.06 PB & 10.28, 800m 3.24.43 PB long jump 2.80m PB, Kenyeh Soyei long jump 3.77m, High jump 1.35, Romina Johnson 60mH 9.99 PB, & 10.06

Tia Blackman 60m 8.16 & 8.32.

U15 Boys Steven Simmons 60mH 9.25 & 9.30, Thomas Rumary 60m 8.27

Vault London 2016, Carshalton, Sunday 7 February 2016

Frankie Johnson U17 increased his PB to 4.33m, Tyler Seager U20 vaulted 3.93m

Eastern Indoor T&F Champs, Lee Valley Saturday 6, Sunday 7 February 2016

200m Will Forster U20 25.22, 300m Andy Cohen Wray M35 41.49, 400m Pete Benedickter M45 55.69, 800m Will Forster U20 2:03.64, High Jump Finlay Castledine U17 1.75m, Pole Vault Jemma Eastwood F35 3.00m

BUCS Cross Country Champs, Gloucester, Saturday 6 February 2016

Rebecca Murray was second in the women’s race 6.1k 21:20. Ben Alcock was 55th in the men’s 10.2k race 33:26, Michael Harrison was 113th 35:30, 164th Andrew Headley 36:52, Matt Nicholson was 210th 38:31. Scott Proctor was 201st 30:09 in the men’s 7.3k race.

Photos by Barry Cornelius

English National Cross Country Champs, Donington Park, Saturday 27 February 2016

Some great runs on the very undulating farmland adjacent to the race circuit on a grey and cold day. Full results can be found on the ECCA website.

Steve Naylor led home the senior men’s team in 17th place (1730 finishers), John Eves was 31st and the team eighth (third Southern team).

Rebecca Murray was sixth in the senior women’s race (739 finishers), Rachel Humprheys was 15th, the team were sixth.

Jack Douglas was eighth in the Junior men’s race, the team were sixth. Alanah Harris was 19th in the Junior Women’s race. The team Alanah, Sarah Kerr and Diana Chalmers won bronze medals.

Ben Davies ran well for third place in the U17 men’s race, the team of Ben Stanley Willis 13, Dom Menzies and Ryan Ward won Bronze medals. Tabatha Walford was 23rd in the U17 women’s race the team were tenth.

Tia Wilson ran strongly for fifth place in the U15 girls race, the team were fifth. The U15 boys finished 23rd.

Sofia Perusko ran well for twelfth place in the U13 girls race. The U13 boys were fifteenth.  

Senior Women: Photos 6 Rebecca Murray 31:12, 15 Rachel Humphreys 31:53, 47 Alice Burgin 33:39, 238 Kirsty Thompson 39:17, 506 Ruth Kerr 45:43, 542 Maddie Brodie 46:53, Hayley Vinnicombe 49:15

Junior Women: Photos 19 Alanah Harris 23:29, 30 Sarah Kerr 24:31, 82 Diana Chalmers 27:04

U17 Women: Photos 23 Tabatha Walford, 21:23, 53 Erin McCaffray 22:17, 121 Lauren Nichols 23:50, 156 Anna Vinnicombe 25:00, 164 Maisie Pritchard 25:24

U15 Girls: Photos 5 Tia Wilson 16:32, 70 Sinead Stovell 18:09, 122 Lucy Mae Shepherd 18:49, 123 Maisie Relton 18:51, 187 Rose Abbot 19:38, 229 Ashleigh Hyde 20:11, 270 Hannah Shelton 20:47

U13 Girls: Photos 12 Sofia Perusko 14:25, 139 Ruby Abbott 15:42, 173 Sophie Worrall 15:58,

Senior Men: Photos

17 Steve Naylor 43:58, 31 John Eves 44:36, 112 Luke Humphreys 46:56, 142 Josh Lunn 47:33, 152 Michael Harrison 47:42, 156 James Hoad 47:48, 172 Andrew Inskip 48:10, 179 Richard Henderson 48:20, 184 Matt Janes 48:31, 301 Sam Wallbank 50:26, 419 Steve Horton 52:19, 509 Alex Bellew 53:40

Junior Men: Photos 8 Jack Douglas 37:09, 34 Stephen Headley 39:36, 76 Matt Bray 42:16, 131 Andrew Headley 46:13

U17 Men: Photos 3 Ben Davies 19:50, 13 Stanley Willis 20:14, 46 Dom Menzies 21:13, 67 Ryan Ward 21:40, 72 Jamie Viney 21:47, 77 Callum Mullins 21:52, 113 Tom Angell 22:37, 165 William Forster 23:29, 181 James Enwright 23:45

U15 Boys: Photos 131 Evan Hosking 18:39, 150 Cameron Gillies 18:49, 177 Ollie Davies 19:03, 224 Richard Laursen 19:31, 226 Harry Brodie 19:32, 237 Daniel Smith 19:48, 297 Michael Knee Robinson 20:43, 298 Andrew Worrall 20:43

U13 Boys: Photos 79 Chris Brodie 14:06, 116 Jamie Vinnacombe 14:27, 145 Joe Lawson 14:39, 200 Alex Alston 15:03, 222 Nathan Hyde 15:11, 322 Max Hanford 16:02